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Osamu Dazai

  • Aviihas quotedlast year
    I used the word “ugly” just now, but there are people who cannot tell the difference between ugliness and beauty
  • Aviihas quotedlast year
    my whole life consisted of embarrassment.
  • Aydanhas quoted2 years ago
    What, I wondered, did he mean by "society"? The plural of human beings? Where was the substance of this thing called "society"? I had spent my whole life thinking that society must certainly be something powerful, harsh and severe, but to hear Horiki talk made the words "Don't you mean yourself?"
  • b6932527501has quoted2 years ago
    The smile is nothing more than a puckering of ugly wrinkles.
  • b6932527501has quoted2 years ago
    Mine has been a life of much shame.

    I can’t even guess myself what it must be to live the life of a human being.
  • Sabina Delishajhas quotedlast year
    eople also talk of a "criminal consciousness." All my life in this world of human beings I have been tortured by such a consciousness, but it has been my faithful companion, like a wife in poverty, and together, just the two of us, we have indulged in our forlorn pleasures. This, perhaps, has been one of the attitudes in which I have gone on living. People also commonly speak of the "wound of a guilty conscience." In my case, the wound appeared of itself when I was an infant, and with the passage of time, far from healing it has grown only the deeper, until now it has reached the bone. The agonies I have suffered night after night have made for a hell composed of an infinite diversity of tortures, hut—though this is a very strange way to put it—the wound has gradually become dearer to me than my own flesh and blood, and I have thought its pain to he the emotion of the wound as it lived or even its murmur of affection.
  • Shirohas quoted2 years ago
    I craved desperately some great savage joy, no matter how immense the suffering that might ensue, but my only actual pleasure was to engage in meaningless chatter with the customers and to drink their liquor.
  • Lianehas quotedlast year
    I thought of saying, "These aren't sleeping pills. They're a laxative!" but I burst out laughing. I think "reject" must be a comic noun. I had taken a laxative in order to go to sleep.
  • Lianehas quotedlast year
    Now I have neither happiness nor unhappiness.

    Everything passes.
  • Lianehas quotedlast year
    Just the other day I read through them for the first time."

    "Did you cry?"

    "No. I didn't cry . . . I just kept thinking that when human beings get that way, they're no good for anything."
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