Jennifer Dance

ACCLAIMED NOVELIST and GILLER PRIZE-winner, JOSEPH BOYDEN, says; "With Red Wolf, Jennifer Dance has come howling out of the wilderness...and I'm deeply impressed." JENNIFER IS THRILLED TO HAVE JOSEPH BOYDEN'S SUPPORT. Jennifer Dance is a Canadian author and playwright who is passionate about justice and equality for all people. She has experienced first-hand where racism can lead. Looking back, she sees that it made her more sensitive to the plight of others. It fueled her passion for equality and justice. It drove her creativity. Jennifer was born in England, but spent her formative teenage years in Trinidad. After graduating from the University of the West Indies in 1970, she returned to England and married a Trinidadian. A racist attack by Skinheads motivated her and her husband to emigrate to Canada in 1979 where they hoped for a better life for their mixed-race children. RED WOLF is her first published novel.RED WOLF will soon be followed by PAINT, the story of a mustang on North America's Great Plains. As in her first novel, Red Wolf, Dance brings the issue of unjust treatment of indigenous people into sharp focus. She couples her passion for racial equality, her zeal for environmental issues, and her background in agriculture, with a lifelong love of horses, giving her a wealth of experience to tell this story. From the slaughter of the buffalo and the threatened existence of the Plains Indians, to cattle ranching and pioneer homesteading, Dance takes a Lakota boy and a painted mustang horse down the path to environmental and human catastrophe.


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