Heinrich Hoffmann

Note: There is more than one Heinrich Hoffman.Heinrich Hoffmann was a German psychiatrist, who also wrote some short works including Der Struwwelpeter (German for either "slovenly Peter" or "shock-haired Peter"), an illustrated book portraying children misbehaving.He wrote under the following names: - Polykarpus Gastfenger (The given name is the German version of that of a Christian martyr; the surname sounds like "Gastfänger", which could be a common noun for "guest-catcher".) - Heulalius von Heulenburg - Heinrich Hoffmann - Heinrich Hoffmann-Donner (The second half of the compound surname would mean "thunder" as a common noun, or a name for the Germanic thunder-god Thor.) - Heinrich Kinderlieb (The surname means roughly "love of children") - Reimerich Kinderlieb - Peter Struwwel (This name reverses the order of the components of "Struwwelpeter".) - Zwiebel (As a common noun, this would mean "onion") In Frankfurt/Germany there is a Heinrich-Hoffmann-Museum Frankfurt.Hoffmann studied medicine in Heidelberg. From 1851, he was director of the municipal psychiatry in Frankfurt.He is the subject of the historical novel, 98 Reasons for Being.
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