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The Basics Of Circumference Measurements & Why It's Critical To Track Them (Pt. 1) - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #262

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I’m sure signing up for a gym membership or starting a new diet in the pursuit of becoming healthier sounds familiar to you all. Well, would becoming healthier make you look better? In fact what even is looking better?
Most people start a fitness journey without a clear picture of their success. This can oftentimes lead to them becoming disheartened by their appearance - even after making progress on their weight scale. Perhaps even the opposite, they’re happier with their look but not so much with their progress on the scale. If either, or even both, of these scenarios, sound familiar, then the episode is 100% for you.
In Part 1 we’re going to tackle:
The very basics of circumference measurementsWhy you should actually track your measurementsThe dos and don'ts of tracking circumference measurementsSome key measurements and ratios for health & longevityFinally how you can track your circumference measurements with ShapeScale!
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