Jeffrey Dahmer Special Pt. 1, Parcast Network
    Coronavirus: COVID-19, Conjectures and Conspiracies, iHeartRadio
    The Axeman of New Orleans Pt. 1, Parcast Network
    “The Lust Killer” Pt 1: Jerry Brudos, Parcast Network
    “The Gainesville Ripper” Pt. 1: Danny Rolling, Parcast Network
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    Jeffrey Dahmer Special Pt. 2, Parcast Network
    Short Stuff: Laughing Buddha, iHeartRadio HowStuffWorks
    S03E19: Итоги 2019. Фильмы & сериалы, Alex
    Alex Talks to Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley, Gimlet
    The Zodiac Killer Pt. 1, Parcast Network
    Episode 195: Sometimes I go out and talk to the chickens…,
    Henry McCabe ////// 264, TRUE CRIME GARAGE
    Teaching For Better Humans 2.0, NPR
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