Humor in the Time of Corona (with Mike Birbiglia)

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On this week's episode of Stay Tuned, "Humor in the Time of Corona," Preet answers listener questions about:
The impact of COVID-19 on the 2020 Census (and how to fill it out online!)
Whether Trump’s suggestion that he would not provide emergency assistance to “unappreciative” governors could be criminal conduct
If cable news networks should stop broadcasting Trump’s press conferences on COVID-19
Changing the name of the podcast to something more topical

Then, he’s joined by Mike Birbiglia, who is a comedian, writer, director, and an actor. Birbiglia does not shy away from the tough topics in his work and he shares how comedy has been a tool to help him work through personal struggles with health complications. In this sad and stressful time, Birbiglia reveals how the process of crafting and sharing jokes can be healing and cathartic. His most recent one-man show, The New One, is about the turbulent, and ultimately heartwarming, experience of becoming a parent. [Parental discretion for language and content is advised for this episode.]

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“Trump: Federal Government Doing ‘Hell Of A Job’ And ‘Governors Should Appreciate It,’” Real Clear Politics, 3/27/20

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