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Investigating The Effects of Lean & Dirty Bulking On The Body With Nick Rowe - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #255

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Today we welcome Nick Rowe on the show. Nick is a good friend of the podcast and someone we’ve worked alongside for the past 6 months to structure some awesome fitness challenges, all for the sake of science!
We’ve already released a show regarding Nick’s cut and intermittent fasting experiment back in December. If you want to give it a listen you can find it listed as episode #251.

In this episode, we discuss the effects of lean and dirty bulking on the body. You’ll learn all about the three different 30-day bulking challenges, I’ve put Nick through for the past 3 months. which bulk served him better in terms of fat to lean mass ratio, his different methods of training, and some other myths that we wanted to debunk.

We dive deeply into his results, and whilst we find many things one would expect to find - we’ve also encountered a fair few surprises along the way. Finally, after months of arguably quite extreme challenges, Nick gives us his key takeaways for those looking to cut body fat, gain lean mass, and even those looking to do both!

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