Unconfirmed: How Elon Musk Pushed DOGE Up and BTC Down, With Arca's Jeff Dorman - Ep.237

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Jeff Dorman, the chief investment officer at Arca, comes on the show to give a macro perspective on the crypto environment. In this episode, he discusses:
how economic data and real-world events have affected digital assets how Jeff classifies the different types of assets within crypto what market forces have pushed ETH to new all-time highs above $4k whether EIP 1559 will have the same effect on ether price as the Bitcoin halving has on BTC price what is happening with Dogecoin and other meme-coins why the market’s reaction to Tesla’s halt of BTC vehicle purchases was healthy whether environmental concerns surrounding Bitcoin will have long-term consequences on crypto as an asset class
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Episode Links

Jeff Dorman
Twitter Arca Blog post titled “How Economic Data Affects Digital Assets”  Blog post titled “The Four Types of Digital Assets”
Miscellaneous Links
Dogecoin SNL clip SHIB token + dog meme-coins  Nic Carter on Bitcoin mining Tesla’s announcement on halting BTC vehicle purchases
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