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447. Hanging Out with Sarah J. Maas

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[bookaside slug="a-court-of-silver-flames"] Sometimes I’m fortunate enough to do an interview with an author I’ve never met, but with whom there’s an instant connection. That happened for Amanda and me last year when we interviewed Sarah J. Maas in Episode 395..

And now, Sarah J. Mass is back, nearly one year later to the date, to talk about her new book, A Court of Silver Flames, and about sexytimes, the magic romance house, rage, mental health, and re-reading books through the pandemic. There are so many little love letters to romance in A Court of Silver Flames, so of course we talk about the most lovely parts of being a romance reader, too.

Special thanks to Elizabeth, Manda, Jennifer, Rachel, and Becca for questions, and to our Patreon community who was so enthusiastic when I announced this interview. Your support helps make the transcription of extra-extra long episodes like this one possible, so thank you.

TW/CW: Please be aware: Between 47:30 and 01:05:00, we discuss assault, attempted assault, and resulting rage against patriarchal misogynist bullshit. We also talk about menstrual silliness, and what we call our periods.

Many of the Patreon community told me that last year’s episode with Sarah was one they’ve re-listened to, as it’s inspiring and comforting and firm in its support of mental health care, therapy, and medication. This one is no different, and we hope it becomes one of your new favorites.

Extra special thanks to Sarah J. Maas for hanging out with us.


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