584. Queer Pirate Decolonization Fantasy with Maggie Tokuda-Hall

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THIS is episode 584 (I said in the intro that last week was 584 but I was wrong. Oops - my bad).

Maggie Tokuda-Hall returns as a guest to talk about The Siren, The Song and the Spy, and so much has changed since our last conversation in Episode 406 when the first book, The Mermaid, The Witch, and the Sea released in May 2020.

We also talk about racism and her experience with Scholastic regarding her book Love in the Library, and we talk about Baldur’s Gate and queer pirate fantasy. Come for the discussion of dismantling facism, and stay for the video game and book recs. You know, as usual.

You can find Maggie Tokuda-Hall at her website,

We also mentioned:
"Scholastic and a Faustian Bargain" Maggie's podcast, Failure to AdaptHarper's Bazaar: "Refusing to Censor Myself" by Maggie Tokuda-HallAnd the picture from Our Flag Means Death that had us both on the floor.

I also mentioned my appearance on the list of 12 Best Author Interview Podcasts - thanks, y'all!

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