Ep. 216: Roasting Coffee In The CIA

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Steven Rinella talks with Evan Hafer, Phil Taylor, and Janis Putelis.
Topics discussed: ice fishing is not a crime; exactly how big is a big blood transfusion?; let’s sort out addiction issues later; ass goblins; Bergmann's rule and Allen's rule; negligent discharges; pissing out your car door and into your ice hole; Black Rifle Coffee Company; growing up outdoors; why it’s called MeatEater; having more degrees than intelligence; back-slapping, pleated-Dockers-wearing, back-nine D-bags; acclimating to the stress of a war zone; repatriating to the mountains; on liking Folgers and wanting your coffee to look like tea; being ass backwards on caffeine levels; why Jani's a decaf man and how Steve saved his life; need-to-know basis in a time of not normal; flattening the curve with the family; and more.

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