Michael Brown

What I Tell Myself

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From the award-winning book series, What I Tell Myself: The Book Series, comes What I Tell Myself: The Audiobook Series. From crucial life lessons and empowering personal affirmations to resources for parents, teachers, and caregivers to get the young people in their care to understand the dangers they can face and the importance of being prepared and ready to deal with the unexpected, this volume of books is packed with fun-filled lessons that parents, teachers, caregivers and children are sure to enjoy. From lessons on patience, finding your talents, staying on task, accepting responsibility, giving children skills for life, understanding rejection and more, What I Tell Myself: The Audiobook Series is sure to provide powerful and long-lasting conversations for parents, teachers, caregivers and children. It is not enough to say we want to break generational curses. We must have the tools to give us better options in teaching our future to do things differently. Welcome to your toolbox.
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