134: Mormon Sphinxes, The Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City, And Prophetic Dreams

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Emily is off this week, but Tess and Molly are taking your night calls about Joseph Smith, sphinx monuments, and the devil's tritone! First it's a night call about the Devil's Note, which some listeners liked and others did not at all. Then an email about Joseph Smith's head on the body of a Sphinx, and whether the "Salamander Letter" is a forgery (yes.) Molly waxes philosophical on the newest Housewives franchise: Salt Lake City, and reveals some behind the scenes info she got about why this series is so bonkers. Then it's prophetic dreams - who had them and why? Are they real, or self-fulfilling prophecies? What are our recurring dreams and nightmares? All this and women who marry their step-grandfathers, on an all new Night Call!
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"Happy Birthday" copyright
History of "Happy Birthday"
Joseph Smith sphinx
Salamander letter
Cafeteria Cathoicism
Mary Crosby
Clay Higgins dream tweet
Abe Lincoln's dream
Did MLK know he would be assassinated?
Ariana Lenarsky twitter
Titanic prophetic dream
The Test Dream
More dreams! Dreams galore
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