Alex Miller,Susan Borian

Manipulation: Body Language Secrets - NLP Guide - Emotional Intelligence - Stoicism

Knowledge is the power, and the field of dark psychology is unfortunately still not fully explored. Take control and protect yourself and your loved ones from manipulators and anyone else who preys on what they consider your weaknesses.

Do you want to learn how to have a strong impact on people and influence them? Have you ever wondered what people really think about you? Would you like to have a better understanding of everyone around you? Do you want to be a master manipulator and persuader?

The inner mechanisms of the human mind are not an easy task to decipher. Psychology has many areas to explore in order to have a deeper understanding of others as well as yourself. The goal is being able to describe, explain, predict, and change behavioral patterns.

When you are able to analyze your own mind and free yourself from negative thoughts and influence, you unlock a different level of consciousness. You will realize that most of the time, your actions are a consequence of an automatic unconscious process and not your true self. When you switch of the autopilot and gain control of your actions, you'll discover uncommon strength and abilities.

In this book, we will explore ways to control the minds of others through such easy techniques as: behavior modification, tracking, feedback-anchoring, and following the feeling.

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