588. True Crime as Social Change with Sarah Weinman

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Sarah Weinman joins me to talk about true crime, a genre which I absolutely cannot read! We talk about how true crime “can be a catalyst for social change” and why people, especially White women, obsessed with true crime.

Plus we talk about Sarah’s latest books, Scoundrel, which has a surprising (to me) literary angle for true crime, and the anthology, Evidence of Things Seen. We discuss at length looking at the true crime genre as a whole, and exploring what true crime can do better ethically and socially.

VERY IMPORTANT INFO: We are talking about true crime in a larger context socially and ethically, but we also mention specific cases, and when possible we name the victims. We also talk frankly about the mental health costs of doing this kind of writing and investigative journalism.

The timestamps for when we mention specific cases, which include murders of young people, and talk about mental health are:

Please look after yourself, ok?

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