Zachary Phillips


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Prepare yourself for a toe curling, lip biting, heavy breathing experience as you are taken on an adventure into the sexy, sensual, and seductive world of Kink: Volume 2.
No matter what you’re into, there is something here for you, with 69 pieces of erotic poetry explicitly and expertly crafted to tempt, tease, and tantalise. So get ready to connect to your inner freak and perhaps even unlock a few new kinks along the way!
What people are saying about Kink: Volume 1:
“This collection is a fantastic and steamy way to slip away from the ordinary and submerge yourself into the pool of kink. So many different stories and poems show just how varied how we enjoy pleasure is. There is definitely something in here that will get you squirming and hot-n-bothered. A frequent re-read for sure!”
“Once I started the book I couldn’t put it down. I was able to personally connect to it too. Loved it!”
“Once I started I didn't stop. The short stories teased. The poetry well written. Each one hit something. It's something I can easily read over and over”
“With already being a fan of his work I knew this would not disappoint. And it did not! From the first to last page I couldn't put this book down. I can’t pick my favourite poem or short story as I loved every single one. The way the poems and short stories are written, the words just flow beautifully and spicy. Will definitely recommend and will definitely be buying more of his work xxx”
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