Karma, Consciousness, and Freedom | A Discussion with Sadhguru, Tony, and Sage Robbins

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Sadhguru, a beloved friend of Tony and Sage, sits down to discuss identity, consciousness, inner freedom, human evolution, and his book Karma, A Yogi’s Guide to Crafting Your Destiny.
Watch the discussion HERE.
Sadhguru is a true luminary of our time and offers in this interview a fresh understanding of Karma and its common misperceptions. Removing  the stigma of “good Karma” or “bad Karma,” Sadhguru explains that our karma actually has the ability to enhance our lives if only we choose to use our past, and our memories of it, in ways that serve our perception of life, personal evolution, and spiritual growth.

[00:47] Sadhguru ID/Intro
[01:18] What is Karma?
[04.02] Karma is about liberation, not control
[07:44] Karma is how to move from an unconscious to a conscious existence.
[08:12] Responding (choice) v. reacting
[11:53] One consciousness
[12:59] Consciousness is not something we do
[16:19] To be free, understand what ropes are holding you
[17:06] What is Vasana?
[19:07] Sadhguru working with prisoners in India and US
[21:13] Large part of karma being created unconsciously
[22:44] Sadhguru’s goal to make the whole world ecstatic
[24:51] People have a fear of freedom
[26:51] We die in installments.
[28:37] Your attention needs to be with living.
[29:26] How can you create a new destiny consciously?
[30:17] Your experience of life is manufactured within you.
[34:50] Why is intention so important?
[36:42] Your intent is based on your identity
[37:20] Fix your identity
[39:14] What does Sadhguru mean?
[41:44] How do you liberate Karma?
[42:30] Awareness and abandon
[43:22] The story of Gautama
[50:32] Genetic compulsions are within all of us.
[52:32] How will you use what is within you?
[54:10] How do you coach people to pause?
[54:52] Managing instincts consciously
[57:10] What is the practice of just being and looking?
[01:00:40] Not looking through the kaleidoscope of karma
[01:02:38] Shifting perception from suffering to pain
[01:03:29] Creating space between you and your body
[01:07:23] What life throws at you is not your choice. What you make out of it is 100% yours
[01:08:28] The gift of this existence
[01:11:39] All human experience happens from within.
[01:13:57] Sign off
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