CAFE Insider 8/4: Threats Foreign and Domestic

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In this sample from the CAFE Insider podcast, Preet and Anne speak with Ben Wittes, the editor-in-chief of the Lawfare blog, about recent reports that the Department of Homeland Security compiled “intelligence reports” concerning his reporting on the Department’s response to the protests in Portland, OR.

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Ben’s interview on Stay Tuned with Preet, 10/19/17

“DHS Authorizes Domestic Surveillance to Protect Statues and Monuments,” Ben Wittes, Lawfare, 7/20/20

Ben’s initial tweet exposing a DHS internal memo about cracking down on leaks, 7/24/20

Ben’s subsequent tweet exposing a DHS internal memo about blaming Portland protests on Antifa, 7/26/20

“What if J. Edgar Hoover Had Been a Moron?” Ben Wittes, Lawfare, 8/3/20

“DHS compiled ‘intelligence reports’ on journalists who published leaked documents,” Shane Harris, Washington Post, 7/30/20

“DHS authorizes personnel to collect information on protesters it says threaten monuments,” Shane Harris, Washington Post, 7/20/20

“From the Start, Federal Agents Demanded a Role in Suppressing Anti-Racism Protests,” Mike Baker, New York Times, 7/28/20

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