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Travel During Pandemic: Is It Worth It? w/ Herman and Elizabeth Vroom

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Have you been questioning if you should be traveling during this pandemic? Are you battling with options for travel right now?
If you have been wondering what is it like to travel right now during this pandemic, then this is the episode for you because my guests today have been doing just that. Herman and Elizabeth Vroom took off to travel in October 2020 and have been doing some van life and housesitting across Spain & Portugal all in the midst of COVID-19. We will get into what has the experience been like, the obstacles they faced, and what things should we consider if we plan to travel soon as this is a real-time look at what we can expect if we travel now or in the near future.
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Tune In To Learn:
09:30 What You Give Up When Traveling During A Pandemic
13:00 The Positives Of Travel During COVID-19
25:00 Housesitting Opportunities & Biggest Struggles Faced
31:15 The Win-Wins of Housesitting
36:20 The Genesis Of The Trip & The Downside Of Travel Now
46:30 Rediscovering Your Spark
And so much more
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