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Side Stories: The Porridge Whisperer

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Ben 'n' Henry bring you this week's weirdest stories and true crime news including multiple tales of Hubris, a TikTok stunt gone wrong as man dies in "home-made" hot air balloon accident, OceanGate wreckage found - all occupants dead including millionaire Stockton Rush and Suleman Dawood (young man trying to break underwater Rubiks Cube record), Indiana woman robbed - robber thought she was “too pretty to rob” and proceeds to forcibly befriend her on Facebook, then asked her to "come chill", Paul Bernardo transferred to a medium security facility, Sex offender caught using a drone to peep on young women using the bathroom, The Porridge Whisperer, An Ohio hero puts up a 10-foot tall werewolf in her yard and refuses to take it down, Listener Emails, and MORE!
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