CAFE Insider 3/31: Fevered Nation

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In this episode of the CAFE Insider podcast, “Fevered Nation,” co-hosts Preet Bharara and Anne Milgram break down all the latest coronavirus developments, including:

— The spectacle of the daily White House coronavirus press conferences, and the impact of the President’s repeated false claims on the government’s response effort.

— The President’s now-abandoned wish to reopen the economy by Easter, and the chaos surrounding his public announcement that he was considering quarantining the entire New York metro area — which he later walked back that same day.

— The White House’s deployment of the Defense Production Act to compel General Motors to produce ventilators.

— The passage of a massive $2 trillion stimulus package, and the importance of effective Congressional oversight over its implementation.

Amid the round-the-clock coronavirus coverage, there was also this news that would have otherwise wielded much attention: The DOJ’s indictment of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and 13 of his associates on drug trafficking charges.

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