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Why An Unconventional Approach To Nutrition Might Work Better With Tom Kiss From Ate - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #259

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This week on the podcast we were joined by Tom Kiss, CEO & Co-Founder of mindful food journaling app Ate (formally Youate).
Tom has an IT consulting background which means that he finds himself more on the user side of things today within Ate, but rather unconventionally it is his background in IT that led him to the world of food journaling.
Having always been into sports growing up, Tom tried to stay fit and eat healthy but his job as an IT consultant meant that he was constantly traveling and under a lot of stress. This led to him developing to less than healthy habits as one might, and whilst he didn’t realize their effects at the time the repercussions of these habits started catching up with him after a few years.
Tom started to fall out of shape and was still yet to notice until he faced a wake-up call in the form of a panic attack. Having never had one before he ended up driving himself to the hospital, and from that moment on decided to take action.
Meeting with a personal trainer he was introduced to food journaling, opening his eyes to two things:
His own nutrition wasn’t greatThe existing solutions for food journaling were poor, he was in search of something simple but couldn’t find anything that met his expectationsFrom this came the building of Ate!
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