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Kundalini Awakening, Empath and Psychic Abilities

Welcome to this extraordinary journey through the paths of spiritual awakening and mindfulness.
The goal of this bundle is simple, it’s to help you discover the potential of your being, the wisdom of the intuition, the clearness of your third eye.
You already have all that you need to live at your highest potential, thanks to your third eye, the intuition, the psychic abilities, and your mind power.
Thanks to the techniques taught in this audiobook you will be able to live a profound and transformative experience, with many benefits for body and mind.
As well as these precious teachings, the audiobook is also an enlighted guide for empaths, helping you to understand the empathic nature much better and give you clear-cut techniques on how to shield your energy from harsh environments.
In this audiobook, you will find more than eight hours of guided meditation, because we think that meditation is the most powerful tool for accessing the infinitive power of mindfulness, so take a glance...
But the audiobook doesn’t stop there.
Some key concepts discussed in this audiobook are:
Kundalini meditationHow to identify blocked chakrasHow to purify negative energyThe importance of breathSuggestions for the practice of chakra healing through stonesHow to develop your psychic abilitiesWhat is an empath and how to recognize one?How to recognize if you are an empathUnderstanding the potentials of your energy and abilitiesHow to find the right work that feeds youThe ways of developing yourself as an empathTechniques and meditations to open your third eyeAnd much more.If you are here, it’s not a coincidence...
If you are ready to know who you are...
Buy your copy - and start with your new awakening!
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