Sasha Davis, r.a. bentinck

The Flaws in Our Teen

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The Teenage Years are Uniquely Different, yet Uniquely Similar in so Many Ways.

The challenges and triumphs may be unique to your time, but we can all relate to these common teenage issues:

Anxiety and depression

Puppy love and infatuation

Serious mental stress

Joys and fond memories

Alcohol and drugs

Anxiety and depression

Overcoming our individual challenges

Bullying and cyberbullying


Acceptance and rejection

Success and failures

Sex and intimacy



Teen pregnancy

The Flaws in Our Teen is a collection of poems that brings the experiences of the teenage years into focus. This book will coerce you to think deeply, empathize, smile, reflect with joy, or cringe; some pieces will even draw a tear or two as you journey through these pages. Sasha Davis and r. A. bentinck balance the challenges, triumphs, and resilience of this universal stage in life in a refreshing and inspiring way.
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