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Listener Stories: Vol. 53

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Sit back, relax and enjoy our chill 90s coffee shop vibes this month, boozers and shakers. Let us set the stage: you're walking back to your seat with a scone and a London Fog in hand. Maybe you're wearing a black turtleneck, maybe you're even wearing one of those weird shrunken crinkle shirts that had no right being as popular as they were. You hear the snaps that tell you the last poem is over and a new artist is about to take the mic. You chit chat with the friend you dragged with you for moral support, until you hear it... the most mournful, dulcet tones you've heard all night. They're speaking of love, loneliness and the dangers of lamp light. Their red eyes meet yours as they deliver their well rehearsed verses and for a single second that holds all of eternity, you're locked together in this supernatural moment. Welcome to our Cryptid Poetry Slam! ...and THAT'S why we drink!

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