Shane Cuthbert


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Depression is something that I know well myself, both from personal experience and from the experiences of many people close to me. I remember receiving the diagnosis and the explanation that I had a chemical imbalance in my brain. I saw numerous doctors but I only seem to remember them asking me about the symptoms. As I recall, the outcome was only ever one of four things...
The doctor would tell me that I would have to start medication, the next doctor would ask me to stop medication, another would ask me to try some new medication and yet another doctor, would play around with the dosage and adjust my medication.
It got to a point where I decided that I was going to do more about healing myself than relying on my doctors and their medications. I began the long journey searching for ways that would give me the power to change myself. Taking the first steps to see someone for therapy beyond medication was a bit intimidating, perhaps mostly because of the fear of it not working and feeling totally beyond help and without hope.
I struggled with addiction, homelessness, thoughts and acts of self harm and numerous attempts on my life, It took over a decade of personal study, observation, and a handful of therapists for me to reach the understanding that I have now, which I am going to share with you below.
If you’re in a similar position to where I was, then the first thing to do is to congratulate yourself for having the courage to seek help that goes beyond chemical fixes. I hope this not only provides you with a lot more clarity, but also a better map for you and your own personal journey. It will help you heal the wounds of your past and create a much brighter future for you to look forward to.
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