Evelyn Montessori

Little Unicorn

♥♥ If you want to pamper your Children with the most loved stories, learning mindfulness, precious concept about life and feel immediately better..then keep reading ♥♥

We both know that a child, sometimes, may appear hyperactive or overstimulated, perhaps running amok around the house or in public. Stress-energy can often get pent up, and the need to release it cannot be contained by a small child.

With this Elegant collection we’ll glad to help and relax your children and in the meanwhile learning (indirectly) important principles about life like: Mom’s and Dad relax, Respect, Humanity, The importance of listening, Loyalty and many many others.

This Stories will help your kids to:

-Fall asleep fast

-Feel better and Calm

-Have wonderful time with himself/herself  and raise awareness

-Understand how to auto-relax throw Mindfulness and Meditation

⚠ Children learn differently than adults, so asking your child to simply follow the same meditation practice as you do might be fruitless.

• With this program, your children (and the parents as well) will enjoy the most beloved and funny stories that you can find to have wonderful and peaceful moments (alone or togheter)!

With proven results!

★★Buy now this Audiobook and let your kids enjoy the magic power of this tales, for Mind, Body and Soul★★
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