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Why You Should Be Tracking Your Body Composition With Jason Belvill From BodySpec - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #261

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This week we have a spectacular (pun intended 😉) episode of the podcast. We had the pleasure of welcoming Jason Belvill onto the show. Jason is the co-founder of BodySpec (more about their body of work later).
Attending the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Jason was a soccer player captaining the All-Armed Forces Soccer team. Soccer exposed him to equipment such as Hydrostatic Dunk Tanks and DXA scanners. Evidently, Jason was fascinated by the technology as he took on an opportunity to get involved with BodySpec. Since their launch in LA 7 years ago BodySpec now has a fleet of vans as well as multiple brick-and-mortar locations.
Let’s get right into it!
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