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463. Women and Poison in History with Mikki Kendall

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Today, we’re going to talk about food safety law, and the history of women who probably poisoned their husbands. Allegedly.

Mikki Kendall, on Twitter as @Karnythia and the author of Hood Feminism, is an eager historian into the mysteries of what women got away with, and so we cover poison clusters, dying of fever, and the poisons hanging out in your back yard. This conversation was inspired by two Twitter threads, and I’ll link to both.

As Mikki said in an email after we recorded, “we have evidence of poison clusters with inorganic poisons from autopsy reports & you can look at death record indexes when hunting for clusters of odd deaths.”

CW/TW: Food safety, horror stories, actual murder, questions about what’s in vaguely labeled food, and discussions of signs of intimate partner and child abuse.



Show notes with book info:

Twitter thread about food safety law:

Twitter thread about MURDER:


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