Why Exercising In VR Is A Game Changer With Sam Cole From FitXR - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #258

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This week on the podcast we welcomed Sam Cole - CEO & Founder of FitXR. FitXR is a fitness company that has been making use of the powers of VR technology to provide a completely immersive workout experience for the past 5/6 years.
So how does one birth such an idea? In this episode, Sam, who’s always had a big interest in fitness, details how one day in a weights room somewhere in London, he simply observed his fellow gym-goers. What he found was everyone was immersed in their own music, for most we would leave it at that. But Sam realized that they were all augmenting their reality by bringing in additional layers to help motivate themselves throughout the workout.
Sam details his next thought: How cool would it be if we could all wear augmented reality glasses? Giving us all the ability to completely change how and where we workout. With this, the idea for FitXR was born.

Listen to today's episode to learn everything you should know about FitXR & VR workouts!
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