Elizabeth Massie

Desper Hollow

It begins when hardheaded mountain matriarch Granny Mustard decides she wants to live forever but then is killed. Her slow-witted but equally hardheaded granddaughter, Jenkie, decides to pick up the ball and run with it - taking Granny's unperfected immortality moonshine recipe, a socially inept friend named Bink, and dreams of fame and fortune - to an abandoned trailer up in Desper Hollow.

But slow-witted doesn't stand against the terrible power Granny initiated. Jenkie's experiments only worsen the troubles with Granny's original recipe, bringing dead critters and a few stray folks back to a state of hungry, vicious, mindless animation. Now a stash of the living dead is locked up in the back of the trailer, a howling heard that has Jenkie terrified. And Armistead, one of the red-eyed living dead, seems way too alert for comfort.

Mountain resident Kathy Shaw and Hollywood pitchman Jack Carroll, who is looking for the next hit reality show, find themselves caught up in the growing horror surrounding Desper Hollow. They can't avoid it and must face it head on. So must Armistead, who fights the fog of his ghastly condition to discover the truth of who he really is.

©2013 Elizabeth Massie (P)2015 RadioArchives.com
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