604. Dessert Projects, Romantasy, and Whimsy with Katee Robert

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Katee Robert joins me to talk about her many releases this year, about marketing through Kickstarter and direct-to-reader options like Patreon, and about the foundational books in fantasy and romance that got her started.

We also talk about current issues, like Findaway Voices and Spotify’s changes to the terms of service for authors.

You can find Katee Robert on her website, You can also check out her Patreon.

We also mentioned
Modern PostcardBonkers RomanceThe Bonkers Romance KickstarterNK Jemisin's PatreonUrsula Vernon/T Kingfisher's PatreonChanges in the Findaway Voices ToSAnd former PRH CEO Markus Dohle's comments under oath:

“The trial put the inner workings of the company on public display in sometimes unflattering ways. In his testimony, Dohle argued that success in publishing is driven by instinct and random luck, not necessarily a company’s size — an argument that the judge found unconvincing. And he revealed his dissatisfaction with the company’s performance since the 2013 merger.”
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