J.J. Zerr

COP Corner

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Gregory George Notso Normal, and five of his buds, after a couple of beers at the American Legion Post, decide to take on the woke, politically correct crowd. These woke, politically incorrect whippersnappers fill the World Wide Web with their truth. Which in most cases is not the truth at all. Notso and the five form COPs, Curmudgeonly Old Poops. They decide to put the real truth, COP-truth out there. That will set the whippersnappers straight. It doesn’t take long, though, before the COPs run into trouble with the American Legion Post Commander, the police (real cops), and their own spouses, The Hermudgeons.
On the other side of the ledger, the Old Poops develop a required reading list for membership in COPs. The Hermudgeons are amazed to discover their Poop husbands will turn off Gunsmoke to read books. The Hers read the books, too, and are even more amazed.
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