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464. Guilty Pleasures with Dr. Arielle Zibrak

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Arielle Zibrak is the author of Guilty Pleasures, a new book in the Avidly Reads series from New York University Press. She’s also a former editor of romance fiction, and a professor of 19th century popular fiction. Her new book - which is terrific - examines the concept of the “guilty pleasures” and seeks to unpack and answer the question, “What is it about ribald romance novels, luxurious interior design, and frothy wedding dresses that often make women feel their desires come with a shadow of shame?”

This is one of those conversations that made my brain go all jiffy pop with bunches of ideas. I hope you enjoy it as well!

You can find Avidly Reads: Guilty Pleasures wherever you get your books, and I’ve got links in the show notes, too.




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