Larry Jamesonn

High Triglycerides Diet

Based on the gathered results from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from 2001-2012, 25.1% of adult Americans aged 20 and older have increased triglyceride levels (>150 mg/dL) during 2009-2012.

Although this was lower than the 33.3% prevalence in 2001-2004, it is still alarming given the current lifestyle of Americans which involves consumption of mostly processed and fast foods, and a sedentary lifestyle that contributes to increased prevalence of obesity.

Increased triglyceride levels are said to be related to cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, heart failure, and stroke. And according to the Harvard Medical School, having high triglyceride levels may be an indication of a metabolic syndrome such as diabetes and pancreatitis.

Because of the complications associated with high triglycerides, it is recommended that those with high triglyceride levels engage in beneficial lifestyles such as increasing physical activities, losing weight, quitting smoking, and having a balanced diet.

However, it is difficult to monitor if you have high triglyceride levels because having this condition does not entail visible and characteristic symptoms. There are no recorded symptoms specific for having high triglycerides alone. The only way to know if you have high triglycerides is through a blood test that will assess your lipid profile.

Now, you may have already started wondering about what triglycerides are exactly? And how does it affect your overall condition? These questions will be answered throughout this guide. But to give you a hint: it is a type of lipid that can be found in our bodies performing an array of functions.

In this guide, you are expected to learn more about the following:

What are triglycerides?

What are the functions of triglycerides in your body?

What are considered normal levels of triglycerides?

Why is it bad if your triglyceride levels are high?

What can you do to manage to have high triglycerides?
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