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The Public Speaking Guide

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Did you know that the fear of public speaking is more common than that of spiders? That's right: speaking in front of two, ten or a hundred people (whether it's a coffee break with colleagues or a large audience at a company meeting) can be the most stressful experience imaginable.

But don't despair: if when it's your turn to speak your body starts to shake and your hands start to sweat like never before, there's a solution, and you'll find it in this manual.

In this audiobook you will learn to:

- know the best techniques and strategies for dealing with the fear of the audience (large or small) without running into unwanted mistakes and devastating embarrassment

- understand that without a winning strategy, every public presentation you make, whether at a business meeting, a wedding, or even at university for an exam, is likely to fail

- to interact with your audience in a spontaneous and natural way by conveying your fear and stress in positive actions that the audience will not fail to notice

- Prepare your speech as well as possible, include personal experiences and stories to engage your audience like a seasoned professional
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