Sophia Edwards-Bennett,DABR

Higher Ground

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In this audio book, cancer doctor and best selling author, Dr. EB, delivers her rendition of Chapter 10, Higher Ground, by using her intellectual prowess complemented by interspersed recital of her original collection of proses, enhanced by commentries, bonus proses and chant.

Her unique style is captivating, as she describes her passion and purpose for treating cancer patients; treating beyond the cancer-by using not only her medical expertise, but embracing her patients’ vulnerabilities, allowing them to share their fears, and what lies at the very seat of their souls.
It is this palpable passion that led to the development of her a novel 7-pronged algorithm : The Big C Re: Attitudes.
This algorithm addresses the Re-Attitude elements of : Hope, Identity, Self-Worth, Life Appraisal, Admiration/Affirmation, Mind Rehabilitation and Renewed Purpose. The application of this transformational approach, helps patients to not only cope with their cancer diagnosis, but also overcome the psychological toxicities associated with cancer, to refine their emotional dexterity and sharpen their mental fortitude.
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