Chris Taylor

The Shooting

All that glitters is not gold…
Tom and Lily Munro have been married for sixteen years. They love each other and are happy in their respective, successful careers. With a cute teenage daughter and a son who has never caused them any grief, their life is just about perfect.
Then Lily becomes a victim of a school shooting and is left fighting for her life. Tom’s beside himself with fear. What will he do if she dies? How will he live without her? In the midst of his panic, he receives a call from his doctor with the results from tests Tom’s had done. It’s been more than twelve months since he discovered the suspicious lump in his breast and he’s terrified the news will be won’t be good…
To make matters worse, their daughter has begun acting out. With Lily still in hospital, Tom’s at a loss what to do. He has so much more going on right now, it’s hard to find the time to sit with his daughter and delve into her behavior. He wants to believe it’s nothing more than normal teenage rebellion, but his heart is telling him it’s so much more…
His once-perfect life is falling apart – shattering before his very eyes.
Can he stop the carnage before it’s too late? Will this Munro family ever be able to pick up the pieces?
If you love Liliana Hart, Cristin Harber, and Karen Rose, you’ll love this pulse-pounding romantic suspense thriller from USA Today bestselling author Chris Taylor. The Shooting will keep you guessing right until the very last page. Listen to it now!
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