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366: My Clubhouse Welcome Party

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Today, you’re in for a treat! This episode is quite a bit different than our usual format, but I promise it’s packed with a ton of value. It’s actually a replay taken from a 2-hour Clubhouse welcome party that I did for The Miracle Morning Community.
In case you’re not familiar with Clubhouse, it’s basically an audio-only chatting app where individuals can host and join different conversations. It’s sort of like a live podcast, except the major difference is that the audience is able to raise their hand and be invited onto a virtual stage to interact and participate with the speakers.
A few weeks ago, my friend Gary Henderson offered to host a welcome party as a way for me to connect and communicate with people in our community and beyond. During this 2-hour session, you’ll hear an interview between me and a group of carefully selected moderators. We then shift gears and open up the dialogue to a Q&A format so people listening could join in.
We touch on A LOT of Miracle Morning related topics, but in a way that you’ve never experienced before. The beauty of Clubhouse is that it’s not just a one-way discussion. I’m getting questions in real-time that people are struggling with, and through this platform, we get to work out the answers together.
What does it mean to elevate our consciousness and how does that collectively elevate the consciousness of humanity? How to take control of your inner world. What happens on the outside doesn’t have to dictate what happens on the inside!  Why every challenge we face is an opportunity to help other people ease their suffering.  Why your resistance to reality is the cause of all of your emotional pain and suffering - and what you can do instead to overcome life’s biggest challenges.  Stories from the most difficult moments of my life, including my recent struggle with depression and losing my will to live.  Why our dependence on smartphones is detrimental to our mental and emotional well being - and where I believe we should be focusing our attention instead!  How to transform your state of mind at ANY moment, using Emotional Optimization Meditation. 3 steps you can use to create real results with your affirmations and visualizations - and the 2 biggest reasons why most affirmations never come true.  How I use the S.A.V.E.R.S to optimize my own mental and emotional well being.  Q&A with a ton of Clubhouse listeners! Get The Full Show Notes
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