CAFE Insider 4/7: The Oversight Wars

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In this special episode of CAFE Insider, “The Oversight Wars,” Preet and Anne are joined by Neil Barofsky, who served as the Special Inspector General for TARP, the chief watchdog in charge of policing the 2008 Wall Street bailout. Drawing on Neil’s experience overseeing the last massive government stimulus package, Preet and Anne break down all the latest issues and developments, including:

— The challenges inherent in the oversight system outlined in the stimulus law, and the incredible amount of power in the hands of Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

— Trump’s decision to appoint Brian Miller, one of his own White House lawyers, to the position of Inspector General for Pandemic Relief, and the importance of having independent-minded, qualified lawyers in oversight roles.

— The news that Trump has fired Michael Atkinson, the Inspector General for the Intelligence Community, ostensibly as payback for his role in bringing to light the whistleblower complaint that ultimately led to the President’s impeachment.

Preet and Anne also break down the latest politically-charged legal news, including:

— The disturbing new report from the DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz exposing widespread problems with the FISA warrant application process.

— The legal battle over voting in Wisconsin, the Supreme Court’s last-minute decision mandating that they move forward with the election, and the implications for the upcoming November election.

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