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449. PB & Mayo Sandwiches (and Girl Scout Cookies) With Amanda and Sarah

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As a follow up to last week’s podcast, I share the broadcast of Amanda and I making peanut butter and mayo sandwiches, inspired by folks who have shared strong opinions.

Yes, we eat PB and Mayo sandwiches. Live on air. I’m sorry.

But we also talk a LOT about cookies so if you’re hungry, maybe have snacks before you press play?

We also cover:

Good roommate code of behavior

The culinary roles of the Wendy’s Frosty

Mayo as condiments for fries? (YES)

Potato chips IN the sandwich? (YES)

We answer these Very Important Questions:

What are the regional mayos near us?

What peanut butter brands reign supreme?

How many mayos are in our fridge?

How much does Amanda love pickles?

Should we add pickles to the mayo and PB sandwiches?

Which Girl Scout Cookies (regional and national) are the very greatest ones?

And we have one of The Funniest Neighbor Stories I have EVER heard.

Seriously, if the year marker of the Quarantimes has got you a little down like it has me, and if you need more silly-laugh and food mayhem, you’ve come to the right podcast episode. Visuals for this episode are in the show notes.




Visual aids in the show notes!


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