David Vincent

Life's a Movie and You're In It

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Since the beginning of time there has existed a wall. A wall located in the deep dark regions of another dimension. On this wall, written in some sort of strange hieroglyphics, exist a plan. A plan for conquering and replacing the beings of a neighboring dimension, ours.
For centuries, each and everyday, they use their immense psychic talents to view each and every other dimensions. That was until they came upon the third dimension, ours, fell in love and promised to one day make it theirs.
Through religious dedication, they slowly begin infiltrating our dimension, our world; first the Corporations, then Media and eventually, one by one, our minds and souls.
It would be over for America and the world, if it were not for a small group of saviors, who discover that the Earth is a giant Television production, written, performed and produced by a group of elite men who even unknown to themselves are being manipulated and controlled by this unknown alien force who have hijacked the original script, rewritten it and are now poised to be the only ones to benefit by it.
Enter our four heroes, Indigo, the number one rock star in America, who finds himself teamed with the strangest odd couple eve, Side, who has been cursed to being stuck to the side of the wall and her best friend, Spin, a break dancer, who has forever been cursed to being on his head caught in an eternal spin, both simply for knowing the truth and daring to warn the rest of us.
They, along with Tom, a homeless man and former Politician must warn America and the rest of the world of this new script, a new play, rewritten for and by them for the purpose of, and in the end, only them. Yes, Life's a Movie and unfortunately you're all in it.
209 printed pages
David Vincent


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