Charles Soule

Star Wars. Poe Dameron. №3

Thirty years have passed since the defeat of the Empire, but a new threat has arrived in form of the oppressive First Order. Standing in opposition to their expansion in the resistance. Poe Dameron and team of pilots — Black Squadron — have been tasked with finding Lor San Tekka, an explorer who may know Luke Skywalker's location. Traveling to the explorer's last known whereabouts, they find a planet whose inhabitants worship and care for an egg they believe nurtures their unborn savior. But all is not well — a tracking device secretly placed on Poe's X-wing enables Agent Terex, a vicious First Order intelligence officer, to follow Black Squadron. Terex has trapped Poe and BB-8 in a cavern beneath the surface, while a fleet of TIEs engage the rest of Black Squadron in a deadly aerial battle...
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21 printed pages
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Phil Noto
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