Mark Waid

Star Wars. Princess Leia. №5

Following the destruction of her home planet Alderaan, Princess Leia Organa crosses the galaxy to bring together the survivors of the noble planet. At her side are the trusty pilot Evaan and the faithful astromech R2-D2 as the team reaches the planet of Espirion and another cluster of Alderaanians. After learning that Tace, a young girl aboard the Lord Junn, has unwuttingly been leaking information about their plans to her sister, Tula, a captive of the Imperials. Her Majesty decides to take action. The Princess agrees to turn herself in to the Empire and their Star Destroyer in exchange for Tula's safe return. Now, on the surface of Skaradosh, Leia's allies prepare a daring final rescue...
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21 printed pages
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