Lui Marjorie

Star Wars. Han Solo. №5

It is a period of unrest. In a galaxy oppressed by the Empire's merciless cruelty, there is little hope for the future. Nonetheless, rebels have banded together to fight back against corruption. Untrusting by nature, Han Solo has taken a step back from the rebel cause, returning his focus to what he does best — smuggling. However, when Princess Leia approaches him with an offer too good to refuse. Han finds himself racing the Millennium Falcon in one of the most notorious races in the galaxy, the Dragon Void, as a cover to find a suspected rebel traitor. After a series of close run-ins with the Empire, all three Alliance informants — and potential suspects — are now aboard the Falcon. Now, Han discover the identity of the spy while completing the race — but the traitor already started killing...
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21 printed pages
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