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Not All Endings Are Happy
For all the novels that reflect the heartache and tragedies in life.
Books to Read Before You Die
No seriously. You gotta.
Set in Space
In a galaxy far, far away...or maybe closer than we imagined.
Oliver Sacks' Reading List
The late neurologist, naturalist and best-selling author was a keen reader who had plenty of books to recommend. Of course, it comes as no surprise that books about the psyche and brain are on his must-read list, but there are some fiction titles that may just surprise you.
Joan Didion's Favourite Books of All Time
Throw away all other lists.
Essential Irish Literature
It's not just Guinness stout and shamrocks that make up Ireland's culture. Here are some of the best, most pivotal Irish writers that moulded the western literary scene.
New York, New York
We pay tribute to one of the finest cities in the world -- with literature set in the city of dreams.
Fall Reads
Fall is here, and here's our suggestion: curl up and snuggle in bed with these reads.
To Be Or Not To Be
From Sarte and Hegel to Watts and Sacks, here are some of the best who'll make you think.
RIP 2016
We may have lost a few good men and women in 2016, but their work, legacy and inspiration will live on.
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