Philip Gardiner

What Wise Men Do

Over the course of human history there have been many men who have stood out amongst the crowd. Whether writers of fiction, great physicians or even politicians, these men may in fact share a common purpose, regardless of the age in which they lived. What Wise Men Do analyses various great men such as:

Grand Master Pinto of the Knights of Malta
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Jules Verne
H. G. Wells
Bram Stoker
Bob Kane the creator of Batman

In this series of investigations, a thread of truth is discovered, revealing an inner yearning linked to our own evolutionary path and shared by each and every one of the individuals in question. This book investigates concepts of magic as seen in each age and questions the truth of the statements against modern science and even theoretical science. In each case some new and startling discovery is made, making this compelling book a revelation from chapter to chapter.
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