The Pussy Trap Part 1, NeNe Capri
NeNe Capri

The Pussy Trap Part 1

They say if you leave an enemy breathing they rise up and take revenge. Kayson, a big time dealer in New York, got his come-up early in the game by killing anybody he had to on his way to the top. Anxiously waiting for fifteen years to get revenge, an opportunity finally presents itself when his right-hand man Aldeen introduces him to KoKo. KoKo is a boss in her own right and down for whatever, so when the offer is placed on the table to work with the top man, she accepts. Kayson carefully trained KoKo to be his best angel of death. With a score needing to be settled, it will be KoKo who will not only seduce and trap Kaysons enemy, but she will also end up stumbling upon an enemy of her own. Will the trap Kayson sets for his enemy quench his thirst for revenge or will the power of the pussy prove to be his own downfall? The Pussy Trap is a dramatic web full of sex, greed, power and payback.
296 printed pages
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Tiffany Crutchfield
Tiffany Crutchfieldshared an impression3 years ago
👍Worth reading

Great read.

Karen Cepeda
Karen Cepedashared an impression3 years ago
👍Worth reading
🔮Hidden Depths
💡Learnt A Lot
💞Loved Up
🌴Beach Bag Book

Omg this book was amazing!!

b1366878428shared an impression4 years ago
👍Worth reading
💞Loved Up

Wow this book was right up there with "The cartel" and "The Bitch Series". I enjoyed it so much can't wait until I read the second book


b0207967651has quoted3 years ago
Life deals the cards; all we can do is play our hand.”
b5476137283has quoted3 months ago
Remember, get pussy . . . never let pussy get you.”
myacoxhas quoted9 months ago
Man, it’s that bitch, Keisha, that got him all fucked up.”

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