Dalia Lorenzo

So You're Having a Stroke

“It’s not painful and even if my hand feels weak and clumsy, I can still walk and drive, but……is it a stroke? Will it get worse?” Would you know what to do if it was?

The first few days are usually a blur for patients and family affected by stroke, which can hit like a thunderbolt out of the blue, one that threatens to change a life forever and that happens every 40 seconds in the US. It is the prepared patient/ family that best survives, or in many cases, overcomes stroke symptoms. Written by a neurologist taking care of stroke patients since 2001, So You’re Having a Stroke  presents useful tips and information to help readers navigate the crucial, time sensitive decisions, testing and treatments that are needed to survive an acute ischemic stroke. Dr. Lorenzo’s disarmingly entertaining style of writing helps her readers retain information that may help that next stroke victim.
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