Haiku 4 Justice: a 365+ Day Commentary of (In)Justice In America and Abroad, Khari B
Khari B

Haiku 4 Justice: a 365+ Day Commentary of (In)Justice In America and Abroad

“Haiku 4 Justice” is a collection of over 400 haiku written over in as many days around issues of social justice and influenced by the hashtag culture of social media news. The 17-syllable works range from the incendiary to the celebratory. The very format of haiku forces a frankness in Khari’s approach, known to those who have seen his live performances. The book is touched and co-signed by literary giant Sonia Sanchez and Haiku Fest founder, Regina Baiocchi with a foreword by poetic powerhouse and executive producer of Black WOMEN Rock!, jessica Care moore.

Author, Khari B. is an internationally received poet of three spoken word music albums and has taught the art at Purdue University since 2006. He’s known for explosively energetic live performances accompanied by renown musicians across genres. Khari B. is a steward of House music culture, climber of trees, an undercover vegan chef and health enthusiast/amateur shaman. He loves his people, travel and apples with peanut butter.
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